CodeCamp OZ

I attended and spoke at CodeCamp Oz v3 over the week-end in Wagga Wagga (the city so nice they named it twice). This year was back at one of the large auditoriums at CSU. I enjoyed a number of the presentations including

  • Glav & Damien’s ASP.NET AJAX talk (for those times I have to sully my hands with legacy presentation technology)
  • Nick Randolph’s “taking it on the road” data synchronization talk for occasionally connected clients
  • Corneliu and Andy Reay’s code injection attacks talk
  • Dan Green’s “tips and tricks”
  • Joel Pobar’s concurrency and parallelism
  • Grant Holliday’s VSTS/TFS tools and extensibility talk

Part of CodeCamp which I really like is the “catching up with people that don’t know me well enough to hate me” aspect of things, and the interesting technical conversations that can ensue. As much as I like CodeCamp I wonder if a more “birds of a feather” style approach where a subject matter expert (say Glav/Damien for ASP.NET AJAX) leads a group discussion on a particular topic, and maybe shows some prepared stuff to get things started. Smaller sessions. Multiple tracks. less about “I’m an expert, listen to me for 50 minutes talk about this” and more “here’s some starting points, I have some demos of X, Y and Z. What would you like to know/discuss”?

I delivered a talk on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) which seemed to be well-received (even if some of the things I showed were passe for the VFP crowd). The slides are here [291 KB] and the demo project I showed in my talk (complete with Joel Pobar socialst star) is here [394 K].


Douglas Stockwell
404 on those slides?
2/04/2007 9:08:00 PM