Web UX vs. WPF UX - my flamebait t-shirt for CodeCamp OZ

CodeCamp OZ is this week-end and rather than practicing my presentation on WPF I thought I’d engage myself in something far more important - designing custom geek t-shirts. Here’s one I printed up to provide a nice visual metaphor comparing the user-experience of WPF applications with the user-experience of web (HTML, CSS, Javascript etc) applications. This shirt is pure flamebait. I’ll be lucky if “web” ninjas like Glav (who also happens to be a black belt in some dangerous martial art that crosses Karate with Judo and south-american break-dancing and has a scary sword collection) don’t beat the crap out of me. This may also be the first time flava flav has appeared on a geek t-shirt.
higher-res version


David RealNameUnknown
In addition to Flav, are those Tron (82 reprazent) stills on your shirt that lays the boot into old technology? Would that count as ironic? Cold lampin’ boyee.
28/03/2007 7:27:00 PM
Paul Glavich
The swords are being sharpened right now JC. In fact, if you look at the picture of my swords, you’ll notice a large Axe on the door. I am carving your initials in it right now in preparation…. :-) I think I’ll call it, the "User Interface Negotiator".

See u at CodeCamp….
29/03/2007 2:03:00 AM