Product Documentation with Wyam

I recently wanted to add documentation and a product blog to an existing application, and rather than build out a full data model to support this I decided I’d go with the static file generation route. Although I’d had good experiences with Hugo, which I used to generate this blog I decided to go with Wyam because its “docs” recipe was close to what I wanted.

Although the Wyam docs suggested I could create a custom theme and then package it up via nuget, the path of least resistance turned out to be just copying the files I wanted to change from the existing Samson theme into the input folder (where your content goes) and changing them there.

Folder Structure

Also I was a bit disappointed by Wyam’s performance initially (especially compared to Hugo) but as items downloaded via nuget started to be cached more often the perf got much better. Overall Wyam is quite nice if you know and want to customise the existing templates.