Word and WordPad

I was looking at Word 2010 and WordPad (in windows 7) SxS today. There were a few things that occurred to me.

  • The tech support folks are going to hate this.
  • Two different teams, two code bases, two sets of icons, two sets of test cases, two ribbon implementations, two release cycles - all from the same company.
  • I wonder if the bottom one is what WordPad in Windows 8 will look like?
  • Dam, Word 2010 looks nice.


Yeah Word 2010 looks nice, but I was more impressed with how nice WordPad looks, I was shocked the first time I opened it in Win7. Word is [i]supposed[/i] to look nice, the fact that they put the effort into making WordPad look good is cool.
19/05/2010 6:12:03 AM
Weston Stenberg
Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. It was interesting to say the least.
21/05/2010 2:05:21 PM