Whining about an application using 15MB of memory? STFU!

The spirit of ted dzubia reached across space and time with an important message for me to share with the rest of the human race. If you’re the kind of vacuous panty-waste who complains about a desktop application using 15 MB of memory then either go back to 1990 or kill yourself now.

I was reading a forum post recently where some asshat complained about a utility using 15 MB of memory. Now I’m no spring chicken - my first PC had 640 K of memory. I know you can squeeze a lot in to a few MB, and in some scenarios like on mobile and embedded devices 15 MB would be huge. But this was a windows desktop utility. In 2009 if an application using an extra 15 MB of system memory makes the slightest appreciable difference to you then you’re either running on horribly old hardware, or you’re using (or rather deluding yourself into thinking you’re using) far too many applications at once. In either case this is YOUR problem, not a failing on the part of the application developer.


You know how alcoholics in some countries have a court order that means they can’t start the ignition until they blow into a breathalyser to prove they’re not (currently) too drunk to be behind the wheel.

i think a USB version of such a device could be useful as a pre-requisite for looking at task manager.

too much information can be harmful.
1/06/2009 5:50:00 AM