I got a raptor

When I built my new rig last year I cheaped out on the hard-drive and got a 7200 RPM Samsung, and it showed in my Windows Experience Index Score too….my “weakest link” at 5.3. Recently I did some data recovery stuff for a member of my extended family, and as a thankyou present they bought me a 150GB WD Raptor. W00t. My WEI score is up to 5.5 now (the bottleneck has shifted to my 4GB of RAM) and the raptor scores a 5.9 for HDD perf which isn’t surprising. The only small downside is I have to do a fresh install of windows to really reap the benefits. Oh well, at least I’ll have a relatively clean machine for Vista SP1….due out in 48 hours or so.


enough of this raptor rig waffle:

when are you gonna blog about your awesome sparkle button!!??

share it with the world man! bring down civilisation!

not to mention the TFS viewer.
16/02/2008 3:08:00 AM