Das Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone. I had a great Christmas - it was nice to see Patrick and Dominic again after a long while. I received a number of cool presents, including a lovely Das Keyboard which I’m typing this on. I can type fine on it when I don’t look at the keys - when I look down doubt creeps in and I start to struggle a little. I’m debating whether I should take it to work or not - it’s kind of loud, and would definitely single me out as the programming prima donna I think I am. Maybe better to keep it at home - Aeron chair, Das Keyboard and ~40” diagonally of LCD screen makes for a nice setup.  As cool as my Das Keyboard is, I think the coolest technology thing I saw was the Nintendo Wii in action - I can’t wait to see what creative uses game designers find for the motion-sensing controllers.