IE7 in the mix

I downloaded and installed IE7 on my main desktop machine when it was released a few days ago. So far it seems fine, but from an “end-user” POV it doesn’t seem to have any killer features over FireFox (although for some users the zooming feature might be a nice enhancement over regular CTRL ‘+’). I came across this post from Nick Randolph which got me interested in the developer features, and in particular the “Windows RSS Platform” that is surfaced in IE7. After doing some more digging I came across a link on the RSS team blog to a presentation they did at Mix06. Ironically the Mix06 site’s session navigation system does not work in IE7, but does in FireFox.

Update: mea culpa - after Mike Swanson left a comment saying “we can’t reproduce this” I had another look. Sure enough the site was still broken (for me) in IE7 and worked fine in Mozilla. After digging a little deeper I noticed IE7 had (quite correctly) imported my security settings from IE6 when it was installed. My IE6 security settings were pretty restrictive for everything except trusted sites, and * wasn’t trusted, so no active scripting, so no navigation. After adding * to my trusted sites everything worked fine. Put it down to user error.