WPF Presentation

Today I delivered a short (45 min) intro to WPF to some folk at Microsoft in Sydney. The talk seemed to go reasonably well, and I got some good constructive feedback from some of my Readify colleagues who were in attendance (thanks guys). I think I “got thru” to at least one person because later that day they were downloading the bits and playing around with a few things. The “slides” I wrote in WPF its self (I’ve never bothered to learn how to do those cool animations in powerpoint, and I knew I could do them in WPF). The source (built against the Jan 2006 CTP) is available on project distributor here. The sort time meant that I had to focus on only a few key areas of WPF which I thought would get people interested. I looked at the “why” of WPF (not much eye candy for this part), composition and nesting, data templating/data binding, some control styling and some UI resizing and rotating (mostly just for fun). Doing the slides in WPF made the talk more educational and enjoyable to prepare for. Here is a screen-shot from the presentation featuring a databound list with Steve Ballmer, BillG and a few other MS notables being scaled and rotated.


Just downloaded your presentation. Fantastic job. I like the idea of creating a presentation about WPF using WPF.
7/02/2006 2:35:00 AM