SDNUG WPF Presentation

Although I had previously said I would be unable to attend, I did manage to get along to the SDNUG last night to watch Deepak’s presentation on WPF. The presentation was technically accurate, and it was clear that Deepak knew his stuff - covering off a bit of historical background, an intro to XAML, controls, an introduction to styling and animation, and a demo of sparkle errr….something about “interraction designer“. I was a little worried some of the audience weren’t able to put WPF into a useful context, but with such a big framework and so many things to show it is hard to know how to start off in a way that makes sense. Also it was great to meet in person some people I know of from the local .NET community such as Paul and to meet up with all the usual suspects. I’m going to be giving a WPF presentation of my own at North Ryde this Tuesday lunchtime, so if you’re in the vicinity (I guess this would mostly be people working at MS) come along and heckle me.