After a stint going coffee-free a few months back I’m now back on the good stuff. Worryingly at almost every team meeting I go to the state of my caffeination is discussed, phrases like “you’re not off coffee again are you” are thrown around in concerned tones. Me going cold-turkey again hasn’t quite made it into the risks spreadsheet yet, but it is not far off. I’m probably the last person to have seen this great set of photos entitled espresso porn (totally worksafe, but you may need to go and get a coffee right after seeing these) - they make me want to reach for another cup right now. A co-worker also sent me a link to this coffee related photo which they said “reminded them of me”. Speaking of vices I’m sure as the new year rolls around I’m not alone in wondering if the secretgeek Leon Bambrick has achieved his goal for 2005 and taken up smoking. I have it on good authority from Angus “no consulting before 9:00 AM” Logan that he has been known to when in an inebriated state.


jayson knight
Caffeine free for almost a year now over here…in the words of a fellow developer I worked with who (when I first got the job) offered to fetch me a cup of coffee:

"You don’t drink coffee? So how does it feel to be the most awake at 8am that you’ll feel for the entire day?"

I don’t miss it a bit though…but I’m probably one of the few devs on the planet who doesn’t have a caffiene fix :-).
2/01/2006 1:13:00 AM
Angus Logan
Dude you seriously can’t consult before 9am.

Its the law.

I’ll write a post later on explaining why you can’t :)

and yeah - secretGeek was smoking like a madman at his resignation party :)
2/01/2006 3:33:00 PM