Neutron looks very good

I just came across the Neutron project via an email (thanks Anthony). It looks very cool. Check out the screen shots. I have to drill down and see how much code you have to write to get the shapes to work but I can think of lots of uses for this. I wrote something ages ago like this in VB6 but it was nowhere as nice as this.


Howard van Rooijen
Creating shapes is pretty easy (although you have to delve deep into System.Drawing).

Take a look at my TaskBuilder app, if you want to see how some shapes are implemented.

Otherwise if you download the full Netron Library, there are plenty of Advanced Shape examples.

Also Netron Light is work a look as it’s far less complicated than the full Netron Library - I think it’s easier to get started with, before you upgrade to the "Daddy". Take a look at Francois CodeProject article about it.

Lithium (a tree control) should be released soon - it’s pure dynamite.
31/03/2005 8:10:00 AM