So, its not just Microsofties that talk that way

A while back there was some discussion of the use by Microsofties of the word ‘So’ to prefix every statement. Apparently this is not new or unique to Microsoft. From The New New Thing by Michael Lewis ch. 5

When a computer programmer answers a question, he often begins with the word ‘so.’

‘Why did you come to Silicon Valley?’

‘So…I’m from this small town in Iowa…’

‘So’ cuts across the borders within the computing class just as ‘like’ cuts across the borders within the class of adolescent girls. It’s the most distinctive verbal tic manufactured by the engineering mind. Silicon Valley engineers for whom English is a second or even third language acquire it as readily as native speakers.


Vince Blasberg
I find myself starting sentences this way more and more as time goes on. It’s not to follow the crowd but subconsciously to start a sentence that will go in an upward direction instead of "well…". Well… has more of an open ended opportunity to fall asleep in mid sentence or just drop what you are saying and walk away. With so…, you must end the sentence with some intelligence.

So… it’s how you start it that will get a good ending (sometimes).
30/03/2005 7:03:00 AM