Web Grab-bag

Some interesting links from around the web:

CSS Astronaut Eric Meyer has created a CSS + XHTML + JavaScript slideshow system called S5. I checked it in IE6 and Firefox 0.9 (OK, so I’m behind the times) and it worked well.

Fritz Onion and others share info on doing ASP.NET development without web projects.

Ernie Booth has written a short article on some of the internals of Comega, which I have also been looking into recently.

Also I’ve been chatting via MSN messenger with a .NET developer and computer science student called Li Bo from China for a couple of months now. Li originally contacted me because he had downloaded some code I wrote on GotDotNet. He was writing a code generator as part of a university project (wow, I wish I had done cool stuff like that at university). A couple of months later this is the finished product - Rapidtier - a template-based code generator written in .NET. It comes with a fairly fully-featured IDE (something I never quite got around to doing in any of my tools), and some decent templates. I went from RapidTier newbie to running my first 100% generated multi-tier winforms app (with basic master-detail drill-down and CRUD capabilites on all the tables) in about 5 minutes. It generates code, solution/project files and stored procedures. Li has done some nice work with the UI, and making the code generation run quite fast. If you have any questions about RapidTier or want to discuss code-generation stuff get in touch with Li.

One last link before I go: Scott Hanselman points to the interesting ASP.NET application running the Bungie website and the amazing facilities it offers for tracking your performance in HALO 2 (when played via XBox Live) including perspectives on how you were killed in every game instance and RSS feeds of all your games. What are they gathering all this data for? Making recruitment easier?