SmartCassini - a managed web server for SmartPhone 2003

After talking about doing this a great deal, I finally spent a couple of evenings porting the Cassini code to my smartphone. Here is a screen-shot of it serving up a directory listing in the emulator, in pocket IE.

I think I spent more time just “finding my way around” in SmartPhone development than actually porting the cassini code, but it has been a fun experience. I will post the code on GotDotNet when I get around to it. On the topic of GotDotNet I noticed that the download count for my 5 samples has gone over the 10K mark. I was somewhat disappointed to see that some of my samples have been marked down to 3 stars (from 4 - 5). I wish people would leave some sort of comment explaining WHY they didn’t like something (so I can explain to them how wrong they are ;-) - who says I can’t take criticism well ). Dominic is back from Redmond. It sounds like he had a great time there. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get him to break all those NDAs and “spill the beans” on what he was working on.

Update:If you need to host webservices on the compact framework you should also have a look at this on the MSDN.


Is the code for smartcassini posted to gotdotnet? A search didn’t turn anything up.

Can it host webservices?

19/04/2005 11:04:00 AM
Michiel Erasmus
Hi! I am very much interested in your code. I would want to run ASPX-pages on my Motorola MPx200 smartphone 2003.

Could you give a link to where your code is? TIA.
5/08/2005 3:04:00 AM