WSE Mega Link Interface

I was talking to Darren on messenger today - it seems my recent ramblings on WSE have not gone un-noticed by him, and he was wondering where to get started. I can thoroughly reccomend the two Hands On Labs you can download from the MSDN (Security and Messaging). Next you will probably want to check the WSE 2 samples which are installed if you choose the “developer” options when you install WSE 2. The samples are available in C# and VB.NET and have “setup” and “teardown” scripts to run to create IIS virtual directories etc for the samples. After you get through those check out some of these resources:


WS-* specs. on MSDN:

Useful WSE Articles: (Aaron Skonnard on new WSE2 features) (Skonnard again on WS-Addressing) (Simon Horrell from Developmentor on WSE Messaging) (Policy - Aaron Skonnard again) (Matt Powell takes Rock-Paper-Scissors into the realm of  secure, collaborative, corporate enterprise messaging technology)

Useful WSE Blogs: (inter-op) (Aaron Skonnard - known to have some insights regarding XML from time to time)  (ex-patriot Aussie, UK regional drector WSE wonk Benjamin Mitchell) (XML Plumber, Canadian regional director, MVP) (MSDN content guy) (WSE PM)

Transports: (sending messages via other means) (Roman Kiss’ MSMQ transport for WSE) (Kevin has transports for MSMQ and MQSerise altho I have not seen him post a link where to get the bits),guid,d337a6f5-a0c8-45b8-920e-132391eedc31.aspx (SMTP transport from Steve Maine) (UDP transport)

Other Projects:
Plumbwork Orange (more WS-* specs implemented using WSE 2 pipeline and idioms)
OpenNetCF (Casey Chesnut has implemented parts of WSE 2 for .NET CF) 

Update: WSE 2 sp1 is available from here

Update 2: Simon Guest’s interop-centric weblog has some interesting WSE items, including a link to this article on how the WS-* specifications evolve via workshops 


Darren Neimke
Thanks Joseph!
26/07/2004 8:48:00 AM