WSE2 Presentation

I gave a presentation on WSE2 at the local .NET users group on Tuesday. In the face of failing health I was able to give (what I thought) was a reasonable talk. I think the coolness of WSE helped me rise to the occasion. I should have practiced the talking parts more (as I wandered a fair bit), but the code demos worked and I was in the ball-park of the alotted time. Local remoting advocate Richard Mason was kind enough not to lay into me too much in the Q & A part at the end, however he did ask one question regarding similarities between the Messaging part of WSE and remoting which I am looking into. Greg Low also gave a talk on MSDE, re-distributing it, and changes between MSDE and SQL Express 2005.

Update: My slides from the presentation are available here


Richard Mason
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22/07/2004 8:01:00 AM
The lost Cooney, Patrick
Are the slides available anywhere online? Samples?

23/07/2004 6:19:00 AM