Evergreen Skills for Software Developers

Almost 12 months ago I delivered a talk at DDD Brisbane with my good friend Leon Bambrick because co-presenting is awesome. The “big idea” of the talk is that even though technology is changing more and more quickly there are things you can spend time learning that can last you the rest of your life. If you feel pressured by the pace of change this talk might give you some things to think about.

Leon and I had hashed out the material, and had practiced this a few times when I recorded a very rough run-through where I did all of the talking. I think at the time to share with Leon to see what he thought of certain bits. SSW was the “video partner” for DDD but (just like in 2016) our session didn’t get published. So nearly 12 months on I’m going to publish this rough cut for anyone who might be interested. I’d watch it at 1.25 speed. Minimum. The version we did on the day was better, but hopefully there are still some interesting things in here.

Since then we have elaborated on the ideas from this talk into a book that is taking shape at the moment. Enter your details below if you liked the look of the video. This year Leon has leveraged the awesome power of saying “no” and not committing to things, and I’m going to be doing a solo-presentation at DDD. Hopefully no-one suggests I turn that into a book.

The Book of the Film!

I’m co-writing a book based on this talk called Evergreen Skills for Software Developers to help developers decide what skills are worth learning. Enter your details below If you want to be notified when the book is ready.