How Long Before Google Make a Web IDE?


Google make a lot of things for developers – GWT, App Engine, code hosting, APIs on top of many of their services and developer tools in Chrome, but (to the best of my knowledge) they don’t make an IDE for web development. Given the importance of open standards and HTML to their core business (search/advertising) and the rise of HTML5 as a platform for increasing rich web applications I’m surprised they haven’t made one already. How long will they continue to sit on the sidelines while Microsoft scrambles to re-target Blend as an HTML5 authoring tool (in addition to Visual Studio and frontpa…err…Expression Web), and Adobe continue to make noise and show the possibility of cross-compiling flash to HTML5 (as well as their continued improvements to Dreamweaver). Google are spending efforts evangelizing these open web standards – how long before they start selling or giving away the tools to build these apps? The only thing I’m wondering is will they build on Eclipse (as they have for Android development and GWT) or will they go for something in-browser like google docs? I’m guessing in-browser. Or am I overlooking something they already have that does this?


There have already been a few attempts. Mozilla’s Bespin (which is called SkyWriter now) has been in the works for a while. It’s a collaborative Cloud-based coding tool.

Other than that, Wave was the only thing that I could see getting close. I’d be keen to hear of any others you’ve stumbled on.

25/11/2010 4:11:55 PM