Startups for the rest of us Episode 24 – featuring logEnvy

Rob ‘no niche to obscure’ Walling and Mike ‘this is how we roll in the enterprise’ Taber are two software entrepreneurs who produce a podcast called ‘startups for the rest of us’ which has the self-proclaimed mission to help developers be awesome at launching software products. I’ve been a listener since about episode 4. What I like about the show is that Mike and Rob are pragmatic, experienced serial entrepreneurs, but they manage to come across as pretty regular guys who haven’t let their success go to their heads. They have plenty of simple, actionable advice for devs looking to start a software business. Recently they changed the format of their show a little to focus more on listener questions, and never one to shy away from useful constructive criticism I asked them for some tips on marketing products while in beta (specifically logEnvy), which they answered in the most recent episode (#24). Marketing is definitely the ‘black art’ part to the startup process from my point-of-view so their advice was most welcome. In any case I recommend most of their back-catalogue of shows, as well as subscribing.

I also listen to mixergy by Andew Warner from time-to-time but I find most of those shows a little ‘over the top’ (million-dollar valuations and raisings, guys who ate ramen for two years and lived in a sewer until their start-up hit the big-time). While I do like mixergy I’d like less ‘swinging for the fences’ stuff. Does anyone else have any ‘small software startup’ podcasts to recommend?


Andy Brice
If you trawl through the archives at Mike Dulin’s you might find some useful stuff about day to day marketing (download sites, affiliates etc). Sadly Mike died recently, so I don’t know how long the site will stay up.
29/09/2010 12:55:58 PM