Microsoft Shows off iPhone-style toggle buttons in VS2010 Productivity Power Tools

I was intrested to see today that in the new Productivity Power Tools update that the toggle buttons on the configuration dialog for this add-in have taken on a very iPhone-ish appearance.

And here for comparison are some iPhone toggle buttons.


Some investigation in Snoop shows that these are indeed styled CheckBox controls (CheckBoxes derive from ToggleButton in WPF and don't really add any behaviour, so semantically they're toggle buttons). The ContentControl hosts all of these CheckBoxes has a style called ToggleStyle, which is applied to the CheckBoxes to give them the iPhone-ish look. Another feature they added to VS2010 with this addin is the 'Solution Navigator' (which can be seen on the right in the screen-shot, not the iPhone screen shot, the other one). I've wanted a hybrid class and file browser with search for _ages_ in VS so I'm particularly glad to see this. I'll be trying it out over the next few weeks to see how it staks up against my trusty old "CTRL+ALT+A > 'OPEN <filename>'".