DEV360 - slides and demos from my session with Dave Glover at TechEd Australia 2009

This year I co-presented with Dave Glover on “what’s new in the windows7 UI and how can I take advantage of it”. The main takeaway from the session was that the Windows API CodePack makes leveraging all the new UI goodness in Windows 7 horribly easy, and as a result was a little “lighter-on“ as far as coding went compared to previous ones I’ve done. Demo-ing multi-touch is always fun (as everyone would have seen in the keynote). You can grab an updated slide deck here (with a few extra slides we had to leave on the cutting-room floor) plus the larger address-book demo (based on this code from codeplex) and the smaller .NET4 multi-touch demo (written from scratch by me the night before). Thanks to Dave for getting me on board as a co-presenter and to Tatham Oddie for his special guest appearance on search providers. If anyone has any feedback about the session or the demos I’d like to know how you thought it went.