One Day WPF Training Course in Brisbane - 28th or March - organized by MS - $100 to charity to attend

Microsoft with the help of and a few prominent community members have organized a WPF training day in a number of cities across Australia in the coming weeks. Paul Stovell and I will be conducting the Brisbane training and labs at Cliftons on Edward Street in the CBD on the 28th of March (a Saturday). The nominal $100 charitable donation will go to the Red Cross Victorian BushFire Appeal. Microsoft are providing pizza for lunch & Cliftons have also been kind enough to donate their training facilities at minimal cost. I’m hoping this will be a really great day, and the best part is that most of what you learn will translate directly to Silverlight too! We have only 40 slots so register your interest ASAP.

To register your interest email Paul: paul dot stovell at readify dot net
or myself: joseph at learnwpf dot com

We’ll be trying to cover a lot of the core capabilties of WPF including…

  1. Creating layouts, compositions and templates
  2. Building custom controls
  3. Working with Styles and control templates (includes using Expression Blend to restyle)
  4. Using the Ribbon control to effortlessly create applications that are as familiar to your customers as Office 2007 (not to mention the Windows 7 Core Applications)
  5. Working with the new DataGrid control to display tabular and editable data
  6. Binding data with ease to your user interface
  7. Anything else you want to know about…Bring along your questions - Paul can speak eloquently about any topic in WPF at will.


Steven Nagy
A great cause and some reasonably smart guys to boot.
20/03/2009 5:19:00 AM
What time does it start and what time does it finish?
24/03/2009 10:11:00 AM
Michael Geurtjens
This would be great to go to as I am currently designing a WPF application for Subway. Its an application to be used by each store in the world so supports multi language etc.
24/03/2009 3:54:00 PM
Steven Nagy
Course at 8:30am, for a 9am start. It runs all day, but you could leave early if you want…
24/03/2009 8:12:00 PM