$54K on first day of sales - why you might want to listen to Wil Shipley

After the sub-par commercial success of my first microISV product thoughtex I’ve been working on another turd commercial disaster product recently. The wit and wisdom of mac developer extraordinaire Wil Shipley (will ship, as in ship software….yes, from what I can tell that IS his real name) has been of great comfort to me (except the parts about only developing only for the Mac…no-one is perfect). What - you don’t know who Wil Shipley is? He appeared in his own penny-arcade strip.
He co-founded the Omni Group that wrote a bunch of stuff for the mac. He co-founded Delicious Monster with a teenage designer and (working out of a coffee shop) in eight months hacked out Delicious Library which netted Wil and Mike Matas $54 K in the first day and $250 K in the first month. With no advertising budget.
Recommended listening - his WWDC (think tech.ed or PDC but for apple people) talk to students.
Recommended viewing - his C4 talk on the creation of product hype


not to mention he’s got a frakkin tesla on order!
30/01/2009 7:52:00 PM