World Wide Telescope - nice app, shame it isn't WPF

I had a look at the new World Wide Telescope created by Microsoft Research today. Like scoble I also wanted to cry when I saw it, but perhaps not for the same reason. Unlike scoble (who did it for publicity) I felt like crying because it seemed like what COULD have been a great showcase for WPF instead stooped to “legacy” technologies. Please MS - WPF was made for creating these kind of apps. If you’re not going to  use it to build things like this then why should anyone else?


James Avery
The site is Flash too. Definitely not an "on message" launch. :)
15/05/2008 9:24:00 AM
I think the reason why it is not in WPF is becasue MS wants a high reach. The issue doing this in WPF as I see is that those who do not have the runtime will have to download and install it. Most home users do not like to do such things.
23/05/2008 3:08:00 PM