A Soul-ful Batman and Batgirl at Heroes Happen in Brisbane

Brisbane’s own Dyanmic Duo Bronwyn and John showed up to the Heroes Happen event dressed as Batman and Batgirl. Respekt! They had previously emailed me trying to convince me to wear this superman outfit, but I had assumed it was a ruse and if I’d shown up in it there would have been much pointing and laughing. I work in an office environment where elaborate pranks featuring fake UPS tracking sites, trojaned laptops, host file entries, shelf companies, skype answering services attached to foreign numbers and faking your own death in the name of a good laff are not unheard of, so I assuemd this was just a pretty simple prank directed against me.


Bronwen Zande
And there I was thinking you were just paranoid ;)
26/03/2008 5:10:00 AM