Abstract for my CodeCamp Oz Talk - Silverlight 2.0 and WPF, What's the Same and What's Different

I just emailed the abstract for my CodeCamp OZ 2008 talk to Mitch and Greg. Essentially I’d like to do a comparison between WPF and Silverlight 2.0, looking at the control set, the threading model, variations in the use of the Xaml dialect, deployment, data binding, styling and templating. Also I want to look at how you can re-use components, code and design elements between the two frameworks. I know this one will be fairly topical with the imminent release of Silverlight 2.0 beta1, but I’m sure there are also plenty of other folks with interesting ideas for talks. I hope my one gets up.


Good luck :)
2/03/2008 4:33:00 PM
seems like you got accepted; well done :) can’t say the whole conf looks particularly interesting though. too much focus on ‘technology’ and not enough ‘algorithms’ and techniques and so on ..
19/03/2008 4:13:00 PM