WPF development jobs up for grabs at Nova-Mind

Patrick from Nova-Mind emailed me recently asking if I could put the word out: They’re looking for a C#/WPF developer, team leader and Mac developer. Nova-Mind are a small ISV situated on the south side of Brisbane, Australia. Their main product is a mind mapping application (so I guess that kind of makes them my competition, although when you look at their feature list and mine you’ll see it’s not much of a contest). They have their roots in the Mac world, which means if you go to work for them you’ll stand a good chance of getting a quad-core mac pro and a 30” cinema display as your workstation, based on what I saw when I went out to their offices to visit a while back. They’re also a nice bunch of people, so if you’re sick of cranking out yet another ASP.NET intranet application and have got the skills don’t be shy. 

(unfortunately I can’t find a way to easily link to the jobs on seek - here are the the job IDs. enter “C# WPF“ as your keywords and choose Brisbane as your location and you’ll find the WPF one) 

http://it.seek.com.au  JobID 10767018

http://it.seek.com.au JobID 10767587

http://it.seek.com.au JobID 10766635



Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the "shout out". So you remembered our workstations :-)

Well guys, don’t be shy, apply for the job…

18/10/2007 4:11:00 AM