DreamScene RTMs to yawns and hotter CPUs

DreamScene, one of the ultimate extras for Vista was released yesterday (according to Windows Update at least). This thing has been in “preview” for most of the year, and since Francois had been running the “preview” version without issues for a few days I thought I would give the release version a shot. For those of you who don’t follow this stuff too closely, DreamScene plays video wallpapers on your desktop.


The installer worked fine, and it displayed OK but now my CPU was idling at 22% instead of the regular 3-8%, causing melty to run a good 5 degrees celsius hotter. Ever since Joel introduced me to RMClock (and since part of my laptop had previously melted) I’ve been keenly interested in the temperature and voltage consumption of my CPU at all times. I quickly disabled DreamScene and I was back to 3-8%. I wonder if it has got anything to do with the wacky “near-real-time” video thread prioritization in Vista? The real yawn here is that you could do this before with XP and ActiveDesktop. Maybe my Core Duo 2500 CPU isn’t the stuff that ultimate dreams are made of.


Wow - DreamScene has only just gone for a release? It was March when I installed the preview.

I ran it twice - once after install to check it out and once again to show it off to my house mate - then never thought about it again.

My main issue is that since I’ve gone back to a single-monitor setup (damn monitors breaking…) I don’t have enough space to SEE my desktop. sigh

Gotta keep saving. I have my eye on a couple of Samsung 20" LCD’s…
26/09/2007 6:27:00 AM
Paul Glavich
Hi Joseph,

Its not Dreamscene that chews up your CPU and make it hot, its the porn videos that you are playing on it on your desktop :-)
27/09/2007 5:23:00 AM