A video of my WPF ReMix Australia Session is now Online

I did yet another “intro to WPF” talk at ReMix 07 Australia in Melbourne, and Michael K the delicate genius has put it up on-line along with all the other ReMix AU sessions. Michael botched the post-processing of the video because after all his promises of fancy filtering, digital re-touching and voice modulation I still look like a complete dork. He emailed me and told me Microsoft’s cluster of super-computers with special software designed to make developers look and sound like demi-gods had been re-tasked to work on something special called the “justice project. I didn’t manage to catch many of the other sessions at ReMix, so I will probably download a few myself. One that I did go to was Lee Brimelow’s Rapid Fire Design and Prototyping in WPF session, which was good value. Lee recently joined Adobe to work as an evangelist - it will be sad to see him leave the WPF community.

- ok, it’s late and I just made all that stuff up….


Delicate Genius
Dude, I can replace your video with goat-see if you like :-)

I quite enjoyed your session actually!

15/09/2007 4:05:00 AM