Perfecting Paul's Painless Process for Preparing a Presentation

Paul’s periodic persisted perceptions, predictions, postulations and punditry have previously pertained to his patented process for perparing painless, poignant presentations. I use a slightly different version of Paul’s process, my modifications are in red below:

  1. One month away: Blog about it, generate as much hype as possible, invite everyone I know to the talk.
  2. Three weeks away: Promise myself to start preparing soon. Decide that the presentation would really rock if it wasn’t done in powerpoint, but in your own “presentation framework“, afterall - powerpoint doesn’t have a 3D video carousel widget now does it, and that is what your presentation REALLY needs.
  3. Two weeks away: Promise myself that I’ll get to it this weekend stop fscking around with the “custom framework“ and start writing slides really soon,  as it’s the last weekend I will have before the presentation.
  4. Weekend before the presentation: Convince myself that custom 3D transitions between slides are what your “presentation framework” really needs the talk is still days away, and I can prepare it on weeknights.
  5. Two days before the presentation: Convince myself that it the slides can wait until tomorrow night.
  6. Night before the presentation: Panic! Stay up until at least 3AM the next morning preparing. Promise myself to start preparing sooner next time!

See you all at Tech.Ed Australia. I’ll be the one that looks really, really tired.


regarding: "custom 3D transitions between slides"

(hmmm - must state this gently…)

a caveat for future presenters:
the frame rate of the projected is different to that of your own laptop. Hence, the 3D transition generally appeared as just a kind of "glitch" between the slides. I saw them on your laptop later and thought "oh! so that’s what those weird flickers between the slides were?"

Maybe if they’d run at about 1/10th the speed it would’ve beaten the audience about the head sufficiently to see it.

11/08/2007 7:12:00 AM