Seattle P-I Reader Installation Woes

I’m doing a presentation on WPF at remix07 in a few weeks (YIKES!). I wanted to download one of the “reader“ family of WPF applications (NYT reader, Seattle P-I reader) to show the great reading experiences that can be created using WPF. I chose the Seattle P-I reader, since the NYT one is nolonger free and I thought I would have less head-aches with the Seattle P-I one. Unfortunately this was not the case.

  1. It required me to log in to download it (I had to create an account) sheesh.
  2. It wasn’t clickonce, so no automatic updates for me.
  3. it required admin privileges to install, even when I tried to put it somewhere other that “c:\program files“
  4. When I did install it it required me to log in again - and failed (and continued to fail) with the account I had just created.

Maybe I’ll just show the punters at ReMix RikReader instead - it has none of these issues.