Dan's Tips and Tricks from CodeCamp Oz posted on-line

My boss at Paradigm LogicDan Green posted the notes from his “tips and tricks” session from CodeCamp Oz 2007 online. Dan’s session was the hightest-rated one at CodeCamp Oz, and I think most people came away with at least one new trick. Inspite of the architectural focus in his day-to-day work he is the only architect I know who knows more VS keyboard shortcuts than I do, so there is plenty of very practical stuff in there. Unfortunately a PDF can’t really capture the dynamism of a great talk, but it should serve as a pointer to those who recall seeing something interesting and need some URLs. I’m also going to try and convince Dan and Joel Pobar (who was rated #2 at CodeCamp Oz) to team up for something special for Tech.Ed.AU 2007 too. Joel owes me, after I stayed up all night tonight working on a special skunkworks project of his barely 36 hours before I go on leave. I plan to use this leverage.