IFilter/Protocol Handler for RSS feeds in WDS?

Somebody should write a WDS IFilter/Protocol Handler for RSS feeds (stored in the Common Feed Store). It just feels weird/wrong that in order to become indexed your feeds have to be slurped up by Outlook 2007. Maybe the file-centric nature of WDS makes this difficult.


Scott Barnes
You’re an MVP now, it’s your job to do that.. didn’t you get the rules & guidelines of being an MVP? I’m sure it state that somewhere.

Until you made this post, I hadn’t known about IFiler and now that you’ve brought up..

+1 Vote for it to be done.
23/04/2007 1:24:00 PM
Matt Hamilton
Are IFilters hard to write? I made a PowerShell provider for the common feed store (it’s in the PowerShell Community Extensions project on CodePlex) so maybe I could knock up an IFilter too.
23/04/2007 6:50:00 PM