Steve Jobs Washes His Feet in the Toilet

Steve Jobs, fearless leader and paragon of good taste to millions of mac fanboys and girls around the world used to wash his feet in the toilet. Not in a kind of cool, post-modern metaphoric “I’m a Mac and you’re a PC hardy-ha-ha-ha” kind of way, but in a very real “place feet in bowl of toilet and flush” way. Want proof? - check out page 54 of the Jobs biography iCon:
paragraph from book talking about jobs washing feet in toilet to relax

I think this calls into question the whole mac movement and their black turtleneck wearing I’m-cooler-than-you attitude. Next time a mac Fan(boy|girl) compares PCs unfavourably to Macs you can pull out this little gem. I don’t believe there is any comeback or recourse from this fact, and it requires no further embellishment. A plain unemotional recounting of the facts should be enough. I’ve told a few people about this in the past and have always been met with astonished looks. Unfortunately in the past I’ve not found any credible evidence on the internet to back me up (which is part of the motivation for this post). I hope Steve Jobs entry on Wikipedia gets updated to reflect this fact.


Scott Barnes
Mac fanboi you have come to the sad realisation that you’re kingpin washes his toes in hotdog flavoured water.


9/04/2007 3:59:00 PM