My WPF Project goes live -

After many late nights coding XAML by hand my WPF side-project has finally shipped! It’s a free mind mapping tool written in Windows Presentation Foundation and deployed via ClickOnce. You can check it out here . The main goal of the app was to create something useful that almost anyone could be comfortable with. Since this is 2007 and beta is the new black it IS a beta release. Also some fairly obvious features like undo, redo, printing and re-parenting nodes have not been included for this release, but I’ll release updates that will include these features as they are ready. Please send all manner of feedback to [email protected] . I’ve also created an RSS feed for the project at which I will update to keep people abreast of new features, and hopefully solicit some ideas from users.

Many thanks go out to my lovely wife Jen, and my alpha testers Dominic, Patrick, Dan (he’s not dead, just really really busy) Adrian, Paul, Glav, Jeff, Joel, Tristan You all gave me lots of great feedback which sadly I haven’t been able to code up yet, but (as we like to say in the consulting business) “I’ve taken it onboard”. I’m really happy to have this release done so I can focus on and general ranting on this blog.


Paul Glavich
Well done JC. Good to see it actually released and out the door. Does it meet the "Works on my machine" certification? :-)

Seriously tho, good stuff.
25/03/2007 5:41:00 AM
Works on Dominic’s machine too.
25/03/2007 12:43:00 PM
David Hodges
Big knucks on all your hard work Joseph. Turned out schweet. I put it to work within minutes of install.
25/03/2007 8:14:00 PM
Nice application! Some thoughts:

- It’s not possible to delete a topic by pressing the delete key.
- It’s not possible to select many topics by CTRL/SHIFT click or by dragging the mouse.
- Couldn’t find a way to change the style of all topics.
- After zooming the map it’s hard to go back to 100%. A combobox would make it easier.
- It’s not possible to choose where to save maps.
- It would be nice if I could choose to save my mindmaps as images.
- An import/export function to other mindmap file formats could be nice ( comes to mind).
- I really didn’t like the "Related" pane to the left. What’s the point? In fact to whole menu to the left steals space from the map designer part.
- An function that automatically makes a nice layout of the map would be nice to have.
27/03/2007 12:04:00 AM