Das Keyboard - 2 months on

I received a sweet present from my wife at XMas - a Das Keyboard (2nd series). I’ve been using it on and off since then and thought I’d post my thoughts thus far:

Initial Experience - it is a NICE keyboard, with a fantastic action. I am a reasonable touch-typist and was able to use it fairly well from the get-go. Except for “special” characters I didn’t/don’t have any problems. The one problem I did have as I would occasionally look down at the keyboard for re-assurance and kind of freak out when there was nothing on the keys.

Office Usage - I mostly use it at work now. The noise is something I’m conscious of, since it is louder than a regular keyboard. Some co-workers get a bit weirded out by it. I leave a regular USB keyboard plugged in too in case a visitor wants to use that instead (and for other reasons - see below).

Glitches - based on current usage there seems to be two problems I’m having using the Das Keyboard. The first is when I try to do “ad-hoc“ typing when my hands have left the home position (such as one-handed typing with a mouse). It can be pretty hard to pick out sone keys in that situation. The other time I have issues is when filling in password text boxes. A combination of

  •  password complexity rules
  • frequent password change policies
  • a desire on my part to have different passwords for every single system I have a login to
  • fear, fear is the mind killer

means that typing passwords is…problematic. One failed attempt and doubt creeps in. Special characters seem especially problematic since they are relatively infrequently typed. Now I have a second regular keyboard close by to prevent embarassing “I can’t log in to the server because I can’t type that password correctly” type issues.

Overall - I feel like my typing is getting (even) better, and it is just a great keyboard to type on. As soon as I’ve nailed the layout of all the special characters there’ll be no looking back (or looking down at the keys).


Jeff Lewis
Download Password Scrambler from onepassword.com and you can have different passwords for every site you visit, all accessed by one password (or more if you choose).

I just bumped into it last week and I love it. It works in FireFox and IE.
26/02/2007 7:00:00 AM
Ben Z
Hey Joseph,
I like how the first paragraph has a typo in it. Its not due to the DAAS keyboard is it?
Good to see you are back the blogsphere though, we were getting worried that you might be a bit too overworked since your move.
4/03/2007 5:22:00 PM
As someone that’s just seen the phenomenon firsthand, I can tell you that watching Joseph develop typedoubt and start staring at the blank keyboard while re-making the same mistake repeatedly was hilarious. Mad cool keyboard, though!
13/03/2007 3:31:00 AM
Jeff Atwood
The flagellation will continue until morale improves.
15/03/2007 11:03:00 PM