600th Subversion Commit

This evening I commited my 600th change to my personal subversion repository. That doesn’t sound like much, but commits in subversion are atomic and can incorporate multiple file changes (so the number is totally meaningless?). I switched to SVN from CVS about 3 years ago for my personal stuff, and in that time it has been great. Apart from a few issues figuring things out at the start I can’t think of a single time its let me down. Probably my favourite SVN moment was when I moved my repository from my desktop to my laptop. I was on the bus going to work and was “recovering” the backup I made on the old system. The recovery took a while, and as my stop approached it became clear that the operation would not complete in time. I closed the lid of my laptop (putting it into hibernation) and got of the bus resigned to the fact that I would probably have to “re-recover” my repository. When I finally got around to looking into it later that day I opened up the laptop, it came out of hibernation and completed the “recovery” I had previously interrupted without missing a beat. A few minutes later I was “getting latest” from that repository.