WPF Day - wrap up

Deepak Kapoor and I delivered a day of free WPF training “for the community, by the community” on Friday at Dimension Data Learning Services’ Sydney training facility in the CBD. We did the same session back to back, with about 12 people in each session. The feedback was generally very positive (except for two folk who were primarily mobile app developers, for whom we didn’t have a very good story beyond “maybe WPF/E”). There were obviously some people that are strongly considering this as a platform for future applications. We did a mixture of hands-on labs, powerpoint and code demos. With so much cool stuff to show it was hard to know what to leave out, but we eventually were able to squeeze in WPF fundamentals like Xaml, attached properties, property element syntax, composition, layout, styling, control templates and data binding. Thanks to Berno, Chuck and Ivan from Di Data for their help running this event.