WPF at CodeCamp Oz

Here’s a sneak peek at the app Deepak and I will be buildling on-stage at CodeCamp Oz on Monday. It is an RSS reader that reads a list of feeds from an OPML file, and displays the postings from the selected feed. All in about 60 lines of C#, and about 150 lines of XAML. It would be about 5 lines of C# except that we needed a custom converter to display the HTML as plain text, because unfortunately the Frame control (which can be used for displaying HTML in WPF apps, like an embedded IE window) can only read HTML via a URL or from the file system. I’ve seen a few people comment about this in the WPF forums, and the usual reason they run into this problem is because they are building an RSS reader in WPF :-). To find out the gory details you’ll have to come along to our session at CodeCamp.
WPF Rss Reader