Finally - an author photo

After reading Jakob Nielsen’s “Weblog Usability: Top Ten Design Mistakes” last year I was determined to turn my disfunctional weblog around by correcting mistake #2 - No Author Photo. Here is a photo of me wearing a cool christmas present I got from my brother Patrick from the “mexican interest” store in Seattle. See - my weblog seems more professional already! Before I got this I’d never really thought about how funny it would be to go to meetings wearing a wrestling mask, or how funny it would be to hit somebody over the back of the head at said meeting with a folding chair, but I am now.


im checking up on your blogs (dom and patrick too!)
your photo is impressive but i think that raphs is a little scarier because of his mullet!! i think that he is envious because yours has a nose hole…..
pip pip
22/01/2006 4:50:00 AM
Raph has some SCAAAARY eyes in his mask-wearing messenger photo.
22/01/2006 4:52:00 AM
I wouldn’t get in the ring with you. How can somebody who’s a softie in real life exude such pure evil when channeling the mexican wrestling spirits!?!
22/01/2006 2:35:00 PM