I want to write an application with WPF that requires a world map, and wanted to use a vector-ish one that would re-size nicely. I was able to find this SVG[1] world map, and used Xamlon’s SVG to Xaml converter to convert it to Xaml. After removing one spurious namespace at the top I was able to load it up in XamlPad. The results are shown below (the SVG version is displayed in the open-source vector drawing program Inkscape).

Buoyed by my success I tried to create a image in inkscape and convert it. The converted file required a lot of hacking to validate, and the final image bared very little resemblance to the original SVG image. I guess Xamlon are right when they say on the converters web-site that “ SVG exported from Adobe Illustrator is the only fully supported subset of SVG“ (I believe the original map was created in Illustrator and exported to SVG). Hopefully in the fiture tools for designers like Expression will handle this for us.

[1] - Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG is an Xml-based format for storing vector-based images endorsed by the W3C.