Mobile Phone Bill Reconciliation the Geek Way

Rather than reconcile my mobile phone bill the way a normal person would do it (by say marking off items in the bill with a pen and then totalling up the hilighted items) I reconcile my mobile phone bill the following way:

  1. Download CSV phone bill from provider.
  2. BCP file into SQL Server (DTS - yeuch).
  3. Query a view to see “work related or possibly work related” calls.
  4. Update “phone number” table with new work & non-work numbers.
  5. Iterate over steps 3 & 4 until the number of “unknown“ numbers approaches zero.
  6. Execute query to calculate total.

For uber-geekiness I have already considered:

  • Using biztalk instead of BCP to populate the database (I’m pretty sure this is the approach bill would take)
  • Querying my contacts list in exchange to suck out all those phone numbers (expediting steps 4 & 5)

Can anybody think of any other obvious optimizations I could be doing here? 


james sherrod
phone bill
28/11/2005 5:11:00 PM