Book arrival spells end to restful nights

My copies of Chris Sells’ and Ian Griffiths WPF book, and Krzysztof Cwalina & Brad Abrams “Framework Design Guidelines” book both arrived today from BookPool (Amazon didn’t have the second book in stock for 2-3 weeks it claimed when I ordered them, and I’ve always heard that BookPool was that little bit cheaper). That plus a recent install of “Knights of the Old Republic” 1 mean I will probably not sleep as much as I should. I’ll post some notes/comments on the books when I’m done.

[1] - yep, I know it’s old.


Darren Neimke
I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the WPF book.
25/10/2005 12:22:00 PM
Paul Glavich
That same book just arrived for me today as well. Probably wont be able to get into it for a week or two yet but after a (very) brief look over the book, it looks pretty good.

Its got colour pictures so you really can’t go wrong ;-)
27/10/2005 8:21:00 PM