Finished watching that cool 'Sparkle' video

I finally got around to watching that Sparkle video on channel 9 (the video was done for the PDC). Initially I was pretty annoyed with scoble & co - the video was nearly 1GB in size! I guess its understandable when you’re showing flashy eye-candy, you want the high-res. I lost count of the number of times scoble said “so can you edit that from code?” (in reference to graphical objects added in the “Sparkle“ design surface). I think he missed the point that developers shouldn’t really be touching this stuff (in the same way that you don’t want graphic designers editing your WSDL). If the people signing the cheques can lose their infatuation with web applications then there will be a place for a designer using “Sparkle” on every team.


Robert Scoble
I agree with you, but I wanted to make sure that folks understood that this means deep changes for the development team ahead. I also wanted folks to understand that Sparkle is a serious tool and not just a lightweight app.
29/09/2005 12:48:00 PM