SSDL talk in Sydney this Wednesday (7-Sept-2005)

Jim Webber is giving a talk on SSDL at the ACS Web Services SIG meeting this coming Wednesday (7th of September 2005) in Sydney (Australia). Its as shame I’m looking after my two young lads that evening. ACS is charging $10 per person, but surely kids under 3 would be free right? Especially if they can do a great “developers developers developers” impersonation.


Jim Webber
Hey Joseph,

The $10 thing isn’t strictly enforced I gather. I had the same incredulous reaction when I saw it too.

There is talk afoot of forming a non-ACS SIG with some benevolent industrial sponsor potentially offering meeting space etc. That will be on the agenda for Wednesday night I gather.

5/09/2005 7:07:00 PM