Developers! Developers! Developers! Speech now available in t-shirt form proudly presents the new “Developers! Developers! Developers!” t-shirt design. After untold minutes of feverish design work (from a team who usually don’t even get to design UIs much less anything else) comes a t-shirt that captures all the energy, enthusiasm and profuse sweating of Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer’s famous speech. Packed with tasteless word-art and some screen grabs from the original video (and not much else) you can print this one out, iron it on [1] to your favourite garment and just wear it on in to work. Feel the energy, enthusiasm and pride of being a developer each time you put it on. As usual please excuse the not-professional-quality smartphone photo of the “real life“ version of the t-shirt.
a small version of the Developers Developers Developers t-shirt graphic developers graphic printed out on a grey t-shirt

[1] The “real life” version above shows tell-tale signs of over-zealous ironing by staff, too engrossed by the awesome design to notice. We think it adds to the “I made it myself mystique”.