Hi, My name is Joseph, and I'm a Boing-Boing Addict

How can you not love a site that brings you gems like these:

Philosophomon: great philosophers’ heads on Pokémon bodies

Bandages that look like bacon rashers

“The Monkey Steals The Peach“ A martial arts killing move involving scrotum removal

A visual history of whispering imps on magic posters

And these are just some of my favourites from the last couple of weeks….hours of my life are wasted reading this stuff. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t see something jaw-dropping.


Greg Low
Hi Joseph,

Yep, people can waste their whole lives on this stuff. I particulary used to like the people that maintained a daily diary for the Clinton’s cat, while Bill was in office. They published it each day like a newspaper publishes the GG’s schedule for Canberra.



6/07/2005 7:01:00 AM