Congratulations to Martin Granell - MVP (Visual Developer - Solutions Architect)

Congratulations to Martin for being recognized by Microsoft as an MVP in the solution architecture space. Scarily smart people who AREN’T MVPs are always a little disconcerting for me. It makes me wonder “well, if this guy isn’t an MVP and he can do all this crazy stuff then how many more like HIM are there?” Now that Martin has been awarded an MVP I can go back to relaxing.


Kim Peacocke
When can I add you to the Readify MVP list?
3/07/2005 10:06:00 PM
beats me Kim - when they give out MVPs for in the area of "flittering around from this thing to that, looking at whatever takes your fancy" I’ll be a strong contender.
4/07/2005 3:39:00 AM