Blogspam continues

The onslaught of spam comments I’m receiving on my weblog continues. Tonight in my usual blogspam cleanup I accidentally deleted a number of actual posts and real comments. That really annoyed me. Appologies for the re-posted items, and the deleted comments.

Update: I’ve taken some action to (hopefully) reduce the amount of spam. What’s next? Bayesian filtering of every post?

Update 2: It looks like this is being felt by other weblogers too. Dominic has implemented his own CAPTCHA system recently. I’m just sick of wasting my energy on this. What do we need? A federated list of “no-posts-from-this-IP-address” list?

Update 3: I noticed some spam that SHOULD have been getting blocked by ReverseDOS was not, and have sent an update through to Mike, which he is including in ReverseDOS 1.2. It’s a great thing to be able to diagnose faults in software using the tools I use ever day, fix the fault and contribute the fix back to the “pool”. Maybe those open-source zealots are on to something after all.


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24/06/2005 5:01:00 AM